Wedding Sand Ceremony

The weeding sand ceremony is one that signifies the joining of two individuals or families into one. The idea is very basic but quite awesome. The couple may be the only ones to participate by holding some different coloured sand in their hands and go ahead to put it into clear vessel to produce that layered effect that signifies unity. The close family members like parents or children may also put a layer of their own coloured sand in the vessel signifying harmony of the families. Click the link wedding sand now to see more information.

The basis of this ceremony is on the unity candle which the bride and groom light together from their own flames. The impact of the wedding sand ceremony is that it creates a lasting moment to be put on display in their home. As opposed to the unity candle ceremony, the sand ceremony can be held outdoors as it is least affected by prevailing winds. Here are some steps to help set up your wedding sand ceremony. The officiant begins by giving a speech on the meaning of the ceremony followed by handing every present member a vase with some coloured sand. 

The groom follows by pouring his sand into the central vase and the bride follows suit to form the second layer. If the other members are to participate, they also pour their portion of coloured sand into the central vase. It can be done the other way round where the couple pours their sand last. The time for this ceremony is not strictly defined but the best time is probably after exchanging vows and rinds. This gives the feeling of unifying the two into one.  Witness the best info that you will get about wedding sand.

Where can we find this coloured sand? You can purchase it in craft stores across the country or on online platforms. The amount you need will vary with respect to the number of people participating in the ritual. You will need to purchase a pouring vase for participants and the clear central vase which will be filled with the coloured sand. You may also need some cotton and tape to fill up the remaining space to allow for transport without disrupting the order and also to protect the glass. 

You can spice up the ceremony by having both your names engraved in beautiful calligraphy on the vase or you can do this yourself using glass etching cream. You may also choose to use sand collected from beaches that are special to you in some way. You may also have the pastor poor the first glass of coloured sand to signify a God's involvement in your lives in the case of a religious wedding. Seek more info about sand wedding